One of the most promising applications of DAS to the field of seismology is the possibility to permanently record data with downhole arrays with a much denser spatial sampling than would be possible with conventional geophones arrays. The data recorded by these arrays can be used for continuous (or periodical) monitoring of both natural and anthropogenic seismicity. Using two datasets we show how the data recorded from vertical arrays can be used: 1) to estimate 1D velocity models and 2) to detect events with high-sensitivity based on the events moveout computed with the estimated velocity models. The continuous nature of the DAS array allows us to accurately retrieve a high-resolution P-velocity model and extract an S-velocity model that couldn't be estimated from conventional VSP data.For one of the datasets we compare our detection results with an existing events catalogue. We find we are able to detect above 75% of cataloged events within a radius of 15 km and one weak new (uncatalogued) event.


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