On the base of combined finite element - difference method, we carried out computer modeling of filtration processes in vicinity of gas production well. According to obtained data analysis, the filtration process near gas production well mainly depends on gas permeability distribution, as close zone of well acting (Ra < 500 m) so remote zone acting (Ra > 500 m). At that, gas permeability distribution in remote zone of well acting more influences on filtration processes near gas producing well than gas permeability distribution in close zone. At the same time, other important filtration parameters: gas viscosity and porosity of gas reservoir little influence directly on filtration process intensity near gas production well. Another hand, they can influence on the intensity filtration process via direct acting on the gas permeability coefficient. If gas penetration in the reservoir boundaries is small enough, so for supporting quite high gas pressure in vicinit y of gas producing well it is necessary using of gas pumping wells.


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