Annotation. The following issues are considered – the topical issues of the modern land and urban cadaster, which are characterized by the presence of a large number of complex three-dimensional objects of real estate. These objects cannot be displayed in a two-dimensional registration system.

The development of a modern cadastral system with the use of three-dimensional modeling is analyzed. The possibilities of using geographic information systems for the creation of three-dimensional objects during a cadastre and real estate valuation are discussed.

Thanks to the use of a three-dimensional cadastre, it is possible to improve substantially the quality of accounting of such infrastructure elements as communication networks and pipelines and underpasses, as well as multi-level complexes, multi-apartment buildings and a number of other objects. The three-dimensional reflection of the terrain and objects located on it, significantly increases the possibili ties of cadastral accounting and mechanisms for ensuring property rights, planning, design and taxation.

A software analysis has been conducted that can be used to create three-dimensional cadastral models.


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