The paper states the results of studies of the formation and morphological features, decomposition in particular, of the Visean υ03 and Serpukhovian υ6 coal seams of the deep horizons of the Lviv-Volyn Coal Basin. It was detected that accumulation of initial organic matter of the seam υ03 at the Kovel coal-bearing area was dependent on inherited tectonic valley-like lowering of latitudinal stretching. A new type of the peat accumulation characteristic of platform Carboniferous coal-bearing formations located directly on erosional surface of the Pre-Carboniferous formations of different age was established for the basin for the first time. It appears that the coal seam υ6 was formed within the limits of subaerial deltaic plain where the most favourable conditions for accumulation of peat bogs existed in the mouth parts of the delta located on the intermouth spaces among and under the influence of great paleohydrographical systems. The delta-type peat accumulatio n was determined for that seam for the first time.


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