The results of the three-dimensional modeling of the Tarasivskiy and Troyankivskiy Metabasite Massives of the Yatran’ block of the Golovanivsk Suture Zone (GSZ) showed that these structures in the geological boundaries do not manifested in the anomalous conductivity (σ). But the fault zones, that outlines and crosses them, are complex anomalous objects both in ground plan and depth. In geoelectrical terms, the current structures of two massives are significantly different. So Tarasivskiy massive is sublatitudinally crossed by high conductivity zones with different resistivity (ρ), allocated at three depth levels: 0 – 100 m from 10–250 Ohm•m; 2–7 and 7–10 km with ρ = 10–250 Ohm•m. While anomalous objects of the Troyankivskiy massive extend from north-west to south-east with a change of direction to sublatitudinal in the eastern part of the area. The conductivity structures of the Troyankivskiy massive are allocated at four depth levels: 0 - 100 and 150 - 20 0 m with ρ = 5–100 Ohm•m; 2–4 and 4–10 km with ρ = 50, 250 Ohm•m. The unifying feature of the two structures is the manifestation of low values of ρ from 5 to 100 Ohm•m precisely in their geological boundaries. The high electrical conductivity can be explained by the special composition of the earth's crust (graphitization, sulfidization, etc.) or fluidization of various origins. Increasingly, according to the latest data, the nature of the anomalies is considered as the result of the joint influence of the electron and ion types of electrical conductivity.


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  1. GintovO.B., EntinV.A., MychakS.V., PavlyukV.N., Zyul’tsleV.V.
    [2016] Structural and petrophysical and tectonophysical base of geological map of crystalline basement of the central part of Golovanevsk suture zone of the Ukrainian Shield. Geofizicheskiy zhurnal38(3), 3–28.
    [Google Scholar]

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