Under petrophysical modeling, data of experimental determination of specific α- and β-activity and chemical composition of samples of Runovschyna area were used. Alpha-radiometry can be used to discriminate rocks of different lithology, and β-radiometry is more effective for age differentiation of formations. For reconstruction of the formation conditions should be applies such types: (1) Aα=1000–1500 (Bq/kg), Aβ=1800–2000 - type of rocks that undergone severe and deep weathering; (2) Aα=100–700, Aβ=200–1800 - type of mature sedimentary rocks, with a separate subtype with Aα=300–500, Aβ=600–800 that represented by sorted quartz sandstones; (3) Aα=300–1100, Aβ=600–1400 - type of argillite strata. Types 1 and 3 can be connected to the maternal layer of the kerogen, and type 2 is as a medium of migration and their accumulation.

Overlapping the ranges of radiometric characteristics of different types of rock requires further analysis and improvement.


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