The paper discusses the results of methodological, instrumental and experimental investigations on solving the problem of effective geophysical online monitoring of copper-containing ore deposits. These deposits consist of the main (Cu, Pb, Zn) and related (Ag, Cd, Mo) ore's components so mining enterprises of Corporation Kazakhmys LLC developed an analysis and information system to provide controlled management of silver mining. The main problems are: low (from 1+ ppm) silver content in the ores of most deposits; complex elemental composition of ores; high (up to 7 m) faces' thick, which need to be tested with vertical sections (for example, deposits Zhezkazgan and Zhaman-Aybat). The basic research method is X-ray fluorescence method with such tools as the energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers: portable RPT-12Т (34 elements) and laboratory RPP-21Т (31 elements). The majority of the measurements were performed using RPP-12T on samples: exploratio n well, reference hand pieces, coarsely ground car probes at the Zhezkazgan processing plant, powder geological samples and state standard reference samples of ores. The research results are tabulated with mandatory comparison of the data of the RPP-12T and RPP-21T spectrometers with the data of chemical analyzes. Studies have shown that the task of ensuring a controlled silver mining process in ores has been successfully solved: silver is effectively determined, starting with the contents of 1+ ppm.


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