Experimental synchronous magnetotelluric and magnetovariational investigations were carried out by modern long-period digital stations with ferromagnetic magnetometers LEMI-417. Measurements of the low-frequency natural electromagnetic field of the Earth of ionospheric-magnetospheric origin were carried out along four profiles: Radomyshl-Fastov, Ruzhin-Skvira, Belilivka-Antonov and Shirmivka-Logvin. By qualitative interpretation of complex tiper and curves of MTZ along the profile of Radomyshl-Fastiv, one can distinguish anomalies of conductivity, shallow occurrence. The part of the Zvizdal-Zaliskaya fault zone separating the Podolsky and Rosinsky megablock of the Ukrainian Shield was manifested in superficial electrical conductivity anomalies as revealed by the data of the MT of studies conducted along three profiles: Ruzhin-Skvira, Belilivka-Antonov and Shirmivka-Logvin. From the interpretation of magnetotelluric and magnetovariational studies on periods larger than 700–1000 s, one can assume a deep anomaly of electrical conductivity of a complex isometric shape with , which coincides geographically with the Brusilivsky interblocked suture zone. Thus, the presence of anomalies of high electrical conductivity 1) both regional and local, 2) along extended fault zones, 3) confined to zones of metallogenic ore and non-metallic fields – are geoelectric criteria for the search for ore deposits of minerals.


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