The main purpose of this work is an analysis of consequences of waste-slide at Lviv municipal solid waste landfill on May 30, 2016, and prevent new waste-slide processes that could negatively influence the ecological situation in the region. To achieve this purpose was used UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) Trimble UX-5. In order to get actual information about landfill condition after waste-slide aerial survey out of UAV was done on June 11, 2016. Therefore, the orthophoto map and DTM of Lviv municipal solid waste landfill have been created. They were compared with the available data in October 2015. The borders and the size of waste disposal, the polluted area, and the waste-slide have been determined based on an aerial survey. Using digital terrain model (DTM) differences of waste disposal thickness and waste-slide have been determined and a fissure has been found which can cause a new slide. The represented algorithm can be used for the monitoring and analysis of different industrially dangerous territories. There is a high probability of repetition of such disasters, as there are no regulatory requirements for periodic control of geometric parameters of landfills in Ukraine. Therefore, for the effective planning, design and control of such parameters, it is necessary to develop a set of engineering and technical measures that will involve the use of modern geodetic methods. This complex will provide modelling of relief and structure for visualization and analysis of the state of landfills in general.


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