A vivid example of dangerous phenomena caused by man-made causes is given - a collapse of the mine field of the mine №2 of Stebnyk field of potassium salt, which took place on September 29, 2017. Mentioned history of the extraction of potassium salts near Stebnika, approximate volumes of salt extraction, the global catastrophe that was caused by the activity of the mine in the past. The activation of local seismicity in the region is shown according to the data of the Carpathian regional seismic network, in particular seismic stations “Morshyn” and “Skhidnytsya”, and from 2017, and “Stebnyk” installed on the territory of the mine. The comparison of epicenters of earthquakes with the tectonic structure of the region is presented. The probable cause of the failure of the mine is indicated - a local tectonic earthquake, as well as a seismic hazard for many objects in the region, including “Polymineral”.


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