Fractured-vuggy carbonate reservoir has strong anisotropy and complex fracture-vuggy distribution. The quantitative description of dissolved pore and fracture is the key to reservoir prediction. The elastic parameter pairs of P-wave impedance and the P-S wave velocity ratio can be utilized to better remove the siliceous layers with the low P-wave impedance and low P-S wave velocity ratio, to identify the low P-wave impedance and the comparatively lower P-S wave velocity ratio, in order to reduce the ambiguities of the reservoir prediction. The curvature and texture attribute profiles have significant differences in response to different reservoir types, and their characteristics are mainly manifested as the texture attributes with a good connectivity and a large scale dissolution hole response and as the volume curvature attributes with the responses to faults and micro-cracks. Threshold fusion method is used to realize the attribute fusion, which can realize the spatial distribution of fracture and cave carving.


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