We use core and image logs to characterize sub-seismic deformation at two adjacent sub-salt hydrocarbon fields, both of which are 3-way structural traps against salt. Microstructural analysis indicates that most of the deformation bands (DBs) are cataclasites, with a lesser amount of protocataclasites. Core calibration with high-resolution oil-based image logs allows interpretation of DBs that were previously unrecognized. Spatial distributions, orientations, and frequencies of DBs are established from structural interpretation of image logs acquired in wells at different structural positions along the salt-sediment interface of each field. The kinematics of the DBs are interpreted from orientation and displacements, and placed in a larger trap scale context to understand their origin and effect on subsurface fluid flow. Bulk effective permeabilities are estimated for each well by incorporating the host sand and DB permeabilities, as well as the reservoir thickness and volumetric fraction of DBs, and then compared to collected pressure and production data.


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