Saltwater intrusions are a major problem for the freshwater supply in coastal regions. The project go-CAM is part of a research initiative to develop a platform for groundwater quality assessments. The main objective of the presented study is the monitoring of the freshwater/saltwater interface with the vertical electrode chain SAMOS in the vicinity of the North Sea. The first system was installed in December 2018 near Jever in the Sandelermöns region, where ongoing chloride monitoring detected an increasing chloride concentration at 50 m depth. ERT and HEM surveys provide an overview about the resistivity distribution in the investigated region and are used to find other SAMOS locations. The data are influenced by the drilling process indicating that the equilibrium is still not reached after four months of monitoring. An inversion procedure separates drilling effects from undisturbed conditions. First results show that the transition zone towards saline groundwater starts at approximately 40 m depth and reaches a minimum resistivity of 25 fim at 50 m depth.


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