In present research we aimed to analyze dynamical characteristics of high dam foundation displacement under the construction of large hydro power plant and during periodic changes of water in artificial lake behind the dam. We used data sets collected at international test area around Engury high dam from 1974 to 2013. We also analyzed changes occurred in the dynamics of local seismic process during the construction of hydro power plant and its functioning. Data sets of dam foundation displacements and seismic data sets have been collected in period started from the beginning of Enguri high dam construction (1974) to 2013. In our analysis we used modern methods of data analysis such as recurrence quantification analysis, algorithmic complexity testing, singular spectrum analysis as well as multivariate data analysis combined with the surrogate data testing. It was found that dynamics of dam foundation displacement is strongly influenced by process of HPP construction and especially by water level change in artificial reservoir behind Enguri high dam. It was also shown that the same factors leaded to quantifiable changes in the dynamics of local seismicity around Enguri hydro power plant.


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