In presented work, authors applied multiple geophysical methods, to monitor and estimate the seasonal changes in both the active and permafrost layers. The study site, located near the Polish Polar station in Svalbard, is unique due to its location and the environmental processes occurring in this region. The two seismic lines were deigned to image the structure between coast and mountains and post galcial sediments in formt of the retreating glacier. The acquisition of the same lanes was repeated in two consecutive seasons in Autumn 2017 and Spring2018, to develop optimal acquisition and processing methodology. To image seasonal changes, multiple geophysical methods (Seismic Imaging, Travel time tomography, surface waves methods, ERT, Thermal monitoring) were used, in both seasons. As a result, the optimal acquisition was designed. The optimal processing, assumes the use of ERT, GPR, MASW, Seismic travel-time Tomography and Reflection Imaging in presented order. The interpretation of the data shows high variability of the active layer and possibly bottom of the permafrost.


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