This paper presents the results of the Airborne Electromagnetic Induced Polarization (AEMIP) 1D Laterally Constrained Inversion (LCI) using the Maximum Phase Angle (MPA) re-parameterization of the Cole-Cole model for an AeroTEMHD survey in Quadrilâtero Ferrifero area, MG, Brazil. The MPA LCI's were conducted using a robust inversion scheme and its results were compared with the usual Resisitivity-Only (RO) LCI's for gold mineralization zone in Lamego Mine structure. The MPA results seems to present a better recovery of the resistivity model in comparison with the RO usual approach, better agreement with the borehole lithological data and good correlation with previous conductive sheet modeling. An important chargeable body was identified in the MPA model, suggesting the definition of the carbonaceous units in Lamego Mine, an important chemical trap and structural control for gold mineralization in this area.


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