The “Barcellona-Milazzo plain” groundwater body in the northen Sicily, was analysed in detail, through numerous geophysical measurements that were integrated with stratigraphic data in order to reconstruct the hydrological model.

The “Barcellona-Milazzo plain” (BMP) groundwater body has been identified within the coastal sector between the village of Oliveri, to the west, and Capo Rasocolmo, to the east. It also includes several rivers that rise further south in correspondence with the Peloritani ridge and flow into the wide Barcellona-Milazzo alluvial plain. On the basis of several geophysical and geological data analysis and interpretation have been used to reconstruct the composition and thickness of the marine and alluvial deposits to construct the conceptual model of groundwater circulation in the Barcellon-Milazzo plain.

For the reconstruction of the subsurface model of the water body, 466 vertical electric surveys and 72 refraction seismic sections acquired in the 70s and 80s (CASMEZ surveys reports) have been reprocessed and reinterpreted. These data have been integrated with 50 HVSR surveys and 85 geognostic boreholes.

These data have been integrated with 85 stratigraphic boreholes to obtain the floods in contact with the clayey substrate has been reconstructed, which delimits in depth the groundwater body to calculate the hydrological model.


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