We present the results of the seismic interferometry approach applied to data of four 2D legacy active-seismic lines acquired in Los Humeros superhot geothermal field (Mexico). The information about shallow waves of these dataset was limited by the large source and receiver patterns used for the acquisition, and by a 600 m central gap adopted in the shot gathers, which removes noisier traces close to the shot point.

The seismic interferometry using the illumination by real surface sources filled the gap creating virtual sources for the receivers at shorter offsets.

Thus, we got an estimation of the wavefields at shorter seismic times, i.e. very shallow layers (∼100 m).

The comparison with the results of the interferometry applied to synthetic data validates the use of this method to recover shallow seismic information and confirmed the signal trends observed at shorter times in the real interferometric data.

These outcomes will be used by inversion method and joint interpretation of other geophysical, geological and well results of this area within the GEMex project.


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