Integrated Geophysical Surveying has gain importance for landslide investigations, deciding the type of landslide, location of the possible sliding and failure zones, the interface between soil and bedrock, determining of water-containing zones, and lithological variation in lateral and vertical direction. This study presents preliminary results of the evaluation of seismic refraction tomography (SRT), multichannel analysis of surface wave (MASW), electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and microtremor (HVSR) data collected in from an active landslide where is located in Işıklar locality of Maçka district in Trabzon province. From these data, 2D P-wave velocity and ERT sections, 1D S-wave velocity depth profile, and the values of predominant frequency and H/V amplitude of ground were obtained by using regular processes and inversion steps. Based on preliminary results, possible distribution of landslide materials in the horizontal and vertical directions was revealed and it is shown that the landslide materials with a thickness exceeding approximately 12 meters. Dominant materials of study area are composed of large and small blocky rocks and have a very complex structure. Moreover, the SRT and ERT sections show the presence of a valley-shaped structure and that the type of landslide is a combination of collapse-sliding.


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