For understanding of complex geological phenomena, we can use 3D modelling software, based on the whole of knowledge and available data for the study area. The input data in this software include: digital terrain models, geological and geophysical maps, sections, drill-holes and geological interpretation, for assemble together into the same 3D space data from various sources, in order to ensure geometrical coherence. Are important to take into account the geology ‘boundary’ data (geology contacts, interfaces and limits), the deep geology and processing/filtering of geophysical data with properly algorithms. The type of filtering of gravimetric and magnetic data must be chosen based on the depth of the model we want to get. This is necessary because the values of the geophysical parameters recorded at the surface of the terrain contain weighted average information from both the surface and from different depths, even to the base of the Lithosphere.

In our paper we show algorithms for filtering data in 2D and 3D and example for a case study.


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