Carbon sequestration in geological formations is in demand for many applications, especially energy production from hydrates. During gas production in a sandy hydrate reservoir, two phase flow and changes in confinement takes place. Nine fully saturated sand systems were scanned three times; before, during and after CO2 gas injection. The confinement pressure was altered, by placing a vertical spring that presses against the upper port of the sediment cylinder. 3D images were analyzed by direct visualization, followed by quantification and pore network analysis. Outcomes demonstrated that shape of sand particles affects how the unconsolidated media will impact the flow, in angular sediments with high confinement pressure, there is more friction between the grains, this results in no dislocations of sand, the fines clog the throats, and more formation damage is noted. In rounded grains with lower confinement pressure, sand grains dislocated; opening large pathways for gas flow; this resulted in lower formation damage. Measures done using pore networks, showed that because of micro-fractures, permeability of the system can increase during hydrate production. This is in contrast to the other systems, where throat sizes shrunk, decreasing the permeability; because of fines migration toward the throats and the small sand grains dislocations.


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