The basic principles and main approached of landslides classification and modeling of landslide hazards have been proposed. Developed classification of landslides is used to create geological, physical and mathematical models of landslide slopes and subsequent development of tools to assess the stability of slopes. Modeling of landslide hazards include combination of stochastic and deterministic approaches. The application of stochastic methods allows to evaluate the complex factors of landslides and define their priority. Deterministic modeling of landslides makes it possible to perform a quantitative assessment of the impact of some factors on the landslides formation. It is proved that the stress-strain state of the rock mass is the one of the important criteria for the evaluating of the slope stability. Formulation of the task of stress-stain assessment and formalization of the calculations for the landslide slopes with variable parameters of the water saturation has been proposed. A numerical-analytical algorithm for solving the problem in the mathematical formulation, which is based on a modified iterative boundary element method, is developed. This technique is used for the landslide hazard assessment in different areas.


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