The consideration is given the different branches of geological research related to the monitoring of geological environment at the Institute of Geology, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Institute of Geology has a long-term history and the strong well-known school of geological research. Activities of Institute of Geology are mainly focused on training in geological survey, monitoring of the geological environment, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas, mineral resources, groundwater, mining, geotechnical studies, geophysics, mineralogy, and gemology. Nowadays, the Institute provides the research by the following areas: geophysical studies; physical-chemical studies of rocks; modeling of geological processes and structures; the use of GIS-technologies in environmental studies, structural and tectonic studies, mineralogical and geochemical studies, paleontology and stratigraphy of Phanerozoic deposits. The prospects of the of geological science development at the university are the good cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign researchers, participation in the joint research projects on monitoring the geological environment, publication in the world’s ranking journals. The overarching aim of geological research is to provide high quality training to a group of young researchers, contributing to the development of a new generation of multidisciplinary researchers able to work in the challenging field of advanced investigations of geological environment.


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