Analysis of the properties of the internal geological and ecological conditions of different spatial components of the geological-ecological system of bottom sediments of the Black Sea, as well as the processes of their interaction with external natural and anthropogenic-natural systems and other objects allowed the author to distinguish in the Black Sea a number of subsystems, to classify them according to specific characteristics and to assign them to different taxa (classes, groups, types, species, etc.) of the multipurpose classification of the subsystems of geological-ecological system of the Black Sea bottom deposits. The Classification was developed by the author using the theoretical and methodological fundamentals of marine geoecology and based on geo-ecosystem analysis of a considerable amount of geological, engineering-geological, oceanographic and ecological data, including data on the substance-genetic composition of bottom deposits, characteristics of structural links between their geo- and bio-constituents, etc. The presented Classification can be used as a basis for solving a number of fundamental and applied problems of marine geoecology, in particular at the stage of development of projects of construction of underwater hydraulic structures and communications, resource development, geo-ecological zoning, planning and implementation of monitoring, etc.


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