Seismic diffraction imaging (DI) is applied to a 3D seismic survey acquired in the Trzebiatow Faulted Zone of West Pomerania located in the Permian Basin, North-Western Poland. 3D seismic data underwent Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Depth Migration (PreSDM) in offset domain, then extended to angledomain full-azimuth (FAZ) CRAM PreSDM, and finally DI applied as a development experiment on a 3D sub-volume. The DI was targeted to provide details of the complex network of faults. Another technical objective was the application of DI to increase structural resolution with respect to standard seismic imaging. Comparison of the novelty result and the standard images is discussed. Of the several advantages of the novelty imaging, a couple proved to be particularly valuable for geologists. Both, existence of faults, and positioning of events are key to the development assessment of the reservoir structure and were solved.


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