Single-sided wave-field focusing and redatuming can be achieved by means of the so-called Marchenko method. This approach reconstructs the wavefield recorded at the acquisition surface due to a virtual source located at depth including all internal multiples orders using reflection data and limited medium information. So far, the method has proven to be successful for media characterized by smoothly varying interfaces, and only approximate solutions are found for complex media with sharp contrasts in the presence of short period multiple, diffractors and dipping layers. Additionally, the reflection response is required to meet some conditions including surface-related multiples removal and accurate deconvolution of the source wavelet. Such limitations and requirements are particularly challenging when it comes to real data applications. Here, we combine the versatility of the recently-introduced Rayleigh-Marchenko with a scattering-based scheme to derive an extended version of the method that is able to handle redatuming in highly complex media by introducing an auxiliary Marchenko system. We illustrate the performance of our SR-Marchenko with a sub-salt example, show that it incorporate available information from a known reference model, e.g., a migration velocity model with sharp interfaces.


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