The paper discusses the results of the basic principles of flooding processes by geophysical methods. To apply geophysics for new tasks, it is necessary to obtain and study various information about the upper part of the section (UPS) and discriminate its all layers. Each horizon has to be traced in plane and depth, and its geophysical parameters have to be determined as accurate as possible. Then use these data as the basis of geophysical mapping of soils the horizon-oriented geophysical maps, geoelectric sections and other graphic materials, which are formed. The result of processing and interpretation of geophysical survey data is a set of geological and geophysical sections and horizontal maps of electrical resistivity of soils and rocks of UPS. In this paper as an example, we share some results of the geophysical mapping technique for soil condition at the Chornobaivska key site, located on the eastern part of the Dnieper-Donetsk Basin.


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