The quick development of broadband and high-density seismic acquisition methods is due to their recognition as effective means for acquiring datasets that prove rich enough not only to dramatically improve the seismic imaging, but also the overall reservoir characterization. Receiver arrays are progressively suppressed to preserve high-frequency signal, limit equipment inventory and facilitate its handling on the field. Single receiver / single source technologies are increasingly used. Full digital recording offers valuable high-fidelity seismic signal and provides an attractive platform for the industry transition towards higher trace densities and point receiver acquisitions. The prerequisites for the creation of end-to-end digital seismic recording channels have long been ripe. Analogs of similar transformations from other industries (telephony, sound recording, television, radio communication, etc.) tell us that the transition to the digit of the entire end-to-end recording path is possible and economically justified at the current stage of technological development of electronics. The present abstract provides an overview of MEMS sensor technology since the early 2000s, its advantages over geophone technology, analysis of the practice of using MEMS in seismic. The reasons for some conservative attitude towards MEMS over the past 15 years and prospects for further development will be discussed as well.


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