Under the severe COVID-19 infection circumstance as rapidly spreading in JAPAN since March 2020, we conducted 2-D land seismic survey in residential area, Niigata, JAPAN from November to December 2020 with necessary infection prevention measures. We set the criteria for the survey start propriety in advance and discussed about the survey implementation with related parties. We also obtained the understanding about this survey from local governments and residents before the survey start. During seismic survey, we took two types of original infection prevention measures as “Enclosure” and “Separation”, in addition to basic measures indicated by guidelines of the Japanese government. “Enclosure” measures aimed to prevent coronavirus from entering inside of the survey site. “Separation” measures were risk diversification of spreading coronavirus in the survey site. By planning and thoroughly adhering original countermeasures that matched the survey area COVID-19 status, we were able to complete the survey in the planned duration without interrupted the survey. In this paper, we introduce our original on-site infection prevention measures “Enclosure” and “Separation” and discuss how to manage the risk of COVID-19 infection at the seismic survey site.


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