The report considers the geochemical features of the Achimov deposits of the West Siberian oil and gas basin, occurring in the lower Lower Cretaceous. The Neocomian oil and gas complex in Western Siberia has been studied relatively fully, but the geochemical features of the Achimov deposits continue to remain insufficiently studied. The Achimov strata lies at a depth of 2500–4000 m and is represented by layers of dense fine-grained sandstones with clay-carbonate cement, separated by interlayers of clays of various thicknesses (up to 10–15 m). A characteristic feature of the Achimov deposits is the clinoform structure of the traps, lithological inconsistency, and variable thickness. The presence of source deposits and the degree of their catagenetic transformation make it possible to consider the Achimov productive complex as completely independent. The OM of the Achimov deposits is characterized by moderate catagenesis and mixed sapropelic-humus composition.


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