More compact and efficient seismic acquisition systems are required to respond to the continuous need of better seismic images at lower cost, lower environmental impact and lower HSSE exposure. In addition, some emerging renewable industries like geothermal, and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) are expressing the need to acquire better seismic at a much lower cost to allow de-risking their subsurface activities. High trace density seismic acquisition has become the new norm in survey design thanks to the fantastic benefits it provides for imaging and seismic attributes ( ), however, it does require significantly more pair of source-receiver recording on the surface, putting evermore constraints on the above. Old cabled seismic equipment is being replaced by nodal systems which are much more compact and offer more flexibility in the field. A new generation of seismic nodes in particular is creating a paradigm shift in the way seismic is acquired, making high-density seismic finally an affordable option for hydrocarbon and renewables. To demonstrate this fact, we will show how these nodes have been used to acquire the two densest land seismic surveys on the planet both for hydrocarbon and CCUS in a very efficient way.


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