The Ministry of Research and Technology (RISTEK) of Republic Indonesia launched a so called “Riset Insentif RISTEK” since 2005. This allows Indonesian researchers to be active in research activities, which its funding is higher than other research funding available in Indonesia for small group of researchers. We received this kind of funding for the year of 2010 with its theme is development of hard- and software of microseismic for geothermal exploration and monitoring. This paper describes the first achievements after the funding is granted to us 8 (eight) months ago. This research theme is grouped into 3 main activities, namely development of borehole seismometer by using MEMS, development of precise microseismic relocation technique, and development of first arrival travel time tomography software. The overall current achievements are beyond the target of first year, so that the funding will be extended for the 2nd year.


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