We developed a Matlab package for finite difference frequency domain modeling of elastic waves in heterogeneous media which can be used to efficiently produce synthetic seismic data for full waveform inversion and modeling, or for wave propagation studies. By using 25-point finite difference stencil the number of necessary grid points per shortest shear wavelength reduced to 3.3 with an error smaller than 1%1). Although Matlab is a high level language, which is in general slower than other programing languages, the developed package exploits array processing ability of Matlab to compute the complex impedance matrix without including any loop in the algorithm. This brings a significant increase in computation performance and makes the package useful for developing realistic models. In order to suppress reflections from edges of the computation area Perfectly Matched Layers (PML) technique has been applied. Attenuation characteristics could be modeled easily by introducing complex valued velocities in frequency domain. Some examples show the performance of the package in modeling elastic waves.


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