In this research, we show the effects of static distortion by heterogeneous surface in 3-D MT inversion results, and propose an improved 3-D MT inversion method that can remove the effects of static distortion. We use WSINV3DMT (Siripunvaraporn et al., 2005)1 to estimate synthetic MT response and obtain inversion results. First we confirmed 3-D MT forward calculation can express static distortion on MT response. Second we applied WSINV3DMT to synthetic some MT responses that are basically same, but some false resistivity anomalies are imaged due to the distortion. As a result we conformed distinct difference between 3-D MT inversion results. We also the improved 3-D MT inversion code based on WSINV3DMT. Based on our results, we suggest that this improved inversion can effectively express the distortion as heterogeneous surface layer, and can give us more reliable resistivity structure.


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