Physical logging has been widely used for many years to acquire physical properties of formations in the vicinity of borehole penetrating hydrocarbon reservoirs. Physical logging has several types of logging, for example, electric logging and sonic logging. In sonic logging, the estimation of the porosity of hydrocarbon reservoirs is mainly performed by the measurement of velocity. For acquiring physical properties of fluid in the formation, Biot physics or poroelastic analysis would be the best method. Among the available technologies, Q based on the Biot's equation could be used to estimate fluid viscosity from the matrix-fluid friction. Thus, the estimation of the fluid contact is possible by using Q which is a index of attenuation, we think. In the present study, we investigate if we take the effect of the viscous attenuation from the acquired quality factor. Based of the result, we then try to estimate the locations of fluid contact using both compressional and shear attenuation factors. The results of our numerical simulations indicate the difference of these factors could be a good indicator of fluid contacts even in attenuating media.


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