Editorial Board

EAGE Publications Officer

Ingrid Magnus ([email protected])

Editorial Board Members

Editor in Chief
Peter Rowbotham -  Apache North Sea Limited

Associate Editors

Paul Binns - P.E.Binns Ltd
Patrick Corbett - Heriot-Watt University
Tom Davis - Colorado School of Mines
Anthony Day - PGS
Peter Dromgoole - Statoil UK
Rutger Gras - Oranje-Nassau Energy
Hamidreza Hamdi - University of Calgary
Ed Kragh - Schlumberger Cambridge Research
John Reynolds - Reynolds International
James Rickett - Schlumberger
Dave Stewart - Dave Stewart Consulting Ltd
Trude Stören - Badenoch + Clark
Femke Vossepoel - Delft University of Technology
Angelika-Maria Wulff, Kuwait Oil Company


Damian Arnold ([email protected])

Editorial Office

Media Production Manager

Thomas Beentje [[email protected]]

Account Manager Advertising

Keziah Sterrenburg [[email protected]]

Editorial Office – First Break

PO Box 59
3990 DB Houten
The Netherlands


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