Geoenergy Editorial Board


Jonathan Redfern, University of Manchester, UK

Deputy Editors

Rosalind Archer, Griffith University, Australia

Sebastian Geiger, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Zuleima Karpyn, Penn State University, USA

Kathryn Moore, University of Exeter, UK

Editorial Board Members

Kevin Bisdom, Shell, Netherlands; subsurface energy/COstorage, geomechanics, caprock/fault sealing

Eimear Deady, British Geological Survey, UK; critical metal mineralisation and geometallurgy

Dave Dewhurst, CSIRO, Australia; reservoir and seal characterisations, fluid-rock interactions, microanalysis, geomechanics and rock properties, shales

Sian Evans, University of Oslo, Norway; salt tectonics, structural geology, basin analysis, CO2 storage

Sarah Gasda, NORCE, Norway; multiphase flow modelling and simulation

Maximillian Haas, Schlumberger, UK; geomechanics, petrophysics, geostatistics (modelling), reservoir characterization, engineering geology, subsurface energy

Niklas Heinemann, University of Edinburgh, UK; geoenergy, hydrogen storage, CCS, subsurface pressure, reservoir modelling

Ed Hough, British Geological Survey, UK; energy storage

Rory Leslie, University of Edinburgh, UK; subsurface energy/CO2 storage, reservoir geology

Juliana Segura-Salazar, The University of Queensland, Australia; sustainability and circular economy in mining, life cycle assessment, mineral processing, ore characterisation

Roman Shor, University of Calgary, Canada; deep drilling systems, geothermal energy, thermal energy recovery, reservoir engineering

Andrew Stumpf, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA; thermogeology, geothermal energy, subsurface thermal energy storage

Anna Suzuki, Tohoku University, Japan; reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, geothermal energy

Kevin Taylor, University of Manchester, UK; rock-fluid interactions, multi-scale characterization, deep geological disposal of waste

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