Geophysical Prospecting Editorial Board

Tijmen Jan Moser

Deputy Editors

Angus I. Best
Noalwenn Dubos-Sallée
Giovanni Florio
Felix Herrmann
Mohamed Luheshi
Oliver Ritter
Giuliana Rossi


Mohammed N. Alfaraj — Reservoir Geophysics
Tariq Alkhalifah — Anisotropy, Ray Methods
Philip N. Armstrong — Borehole Geophysics
Anna Avdeeva — Electromagnetic Inversion and Forward Modeling
Claudio Bagaini — Seismic Acquisition and Multicomponent Processing
Ahmet T. Basokur — Electrical and Electromagnetic Tomography and Optimization Methods
Maiza Bekara – Signal processing, Noise attenuation and Statistical analysis
Gilles Bellefleur — Hard Rock Physics and Mining Seismology
Andrej Bona — Time Domain Imaging and Seismic Diffraction Methods
John Brittan - Seismic Processing, Model-building and Imaging
Stefan Buske — Seismic Imaging and Passive Seismic Methods
Carlos Calderón-Macías — Multicomponent Seismic Data, Full waveform inversion and Machine Learning
Mark Chapman — Rock Physics, Anisotropy and Multicomponent Seismology
Herve Chauris – Multi-scale Seismic Data and Image Processing
Gordon Cooper — Potential Fields, Image and Signal Processing
Irina S. Elysseieva — Gravity Data Processing and Interpretation
Roberto de Franco — Seismic Refraction, Imaging, Tomography and Time Lapse
Mark Goldman – Controlled Source Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods, Theory and Applications
Fuensanta González Montesinos — Geodesy, Gravity
Tongcheng Han — Rock physics, Multiphysics, Elastic and Electrical Rock Properties
Peter Hanssen — Instrumentation, Passive Exploration and Sub-basalt Imaging
Yuriy Ivanov – Seismic anisotropy, effective and fractured media, AVO, physical modeling
Einar Iversen — Anisotropy, Ray Methods, Seismic imaging and Velocity Estimation
Ian Jones — Pre-stack Depth Migration and Velocity Building
Damien Jougnot — Petrophysics, Self-potential and Electromagnetic Methods
Jerry Kapoor – Seismic Depth Imaging
Clement Kostov — Seismic multiples, data processing and imaging, survey design
Gilles Lambaré — Seismic Depth Imaging, Ray-based Approaches
Peter Lelièvre — Gravity and Magnetic Data Inversion
Alireza Malehmir — Hardrock Seismic Methods and Multidisciplinary Geophysics
Tobias Müller — Rock Physics, Seismic Modelling
Philippe Nivlet — Reservoir Geophysics, Quantitative seismic interpretation, Machine and Deep Learning
Roman Pasteka — Gravity Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation
Raffaele Persico — Electromagnetic and Ground Penetrating Radar Methods
René-Edouard Plessix — Wave and Ray Theory, Optimisation
Gordon Poole — Seismic processing and data regularisation
Jaume Pous — Electrical Methods
Patrick Rasolofosaon — Rock Physics, Seismic Anisotropy and Physical Modelling
Matteo Ravasi — Inverse Problems, Reservoir Geophysics and Seismic Imaging
Alan B. Reid — Potential Fields Geophysics
Partha Routh — Near Surface, Geothermal
Joël Sarout — Rock physics, Geomechanics and Anisotropy
Ilya Silvestrov — Seismic reflection and diffraction imaging, signal processing, distributed acoustic sensing
Alexey Stovas — Anisotropy, Modelling and Seismic Time Imaging
Rita Streich — Electromagnetic Imaging, Processing and Acquisition
Genyang Tang — Rock Physics, Reservoir Geophysics and Physical Modeling
Vladimir Tcheverda – Seismic Modelling, Inversion and VSP
Constantinos Tsingas – Wave-based Seismic Imaging and Velocity Analysis
Dimitrios Tsoulis — Potential Field Theory
Henri-Pierre Valero — Logging and Petrophysics
Aldo Vesnaver — Reservoir Monitoring

Umair bin Waheed — Passive Seismology, Seismic Anisotropy and Applied Machine Learning

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