Petroleum Geoscience Editorial Board


Jonathan Redfern, University of Manchester, UK


Deputy Editors

Phil Christie, Christie GeoSolutions Ltd, UK

Dave Dewhurst, CSIRO, Australia

Sebastian Geiger, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

Jo Prigmore, Calderdale Geoscience Ltd, UK

Graham Yielding, Badley Geoscience Ltd, UK


Editorial Board

Andrei Belopolsky, Hess, USA; basin analysis, HC generation/migration & basin modelling, lithology/fluid prediction from seismic, reservoir description, sedimentology, seismic acquisition, processing & inversion seismic interpretation, stratigraphic analysis

Mark Bentley, AGR TRACS, UK; reservoir modelling, structural geology

Giovanni Bertotti, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; tectonics, fractured reservoirs, sedimentary basins, exploration geology

Kevin Bisdom, Shell, Netherlands; subsurface energy/CO2 storage, geomechanics, caprock/fault sealing

Alvar Braathen, University of Oslo, Norway; structural geology, tectonics, fractured reservoirs, fault seal, subsurface energy/CO2 storage

Stuart Burley, Discovery Geoscience, UK; petroleum geology, basin modelling, geochemistry, geofluids, structural geology

Rick Chalaturnyk, University of Alberta, Canada; subsurface energy/CO2 storage

Jonathan Craig, Eni E & P, Italy; petroleum geology & systems, exploration strategies, energy geoscience, risk & uncertainty

David Deming, University of Oklahoma, USA; heat flow, energy, resources, fluids, history

Tim Diggs, Aramco Services Co., USA; reservoir quality, diagenesis, geofluids

Tony Doré, EGI/University of Utah, USA; regional geology, petroleum geology

Peter Dromgoole, Equinor, UK; geophysical interpretation, exploration & appraisal, prospect evaluation

Sian Evans, University of Oslo, Norway; salt tectonics, structural geology, basin analysis, CO2 storage

Stephen Flint, University of Manchester, UK; sequence stratigraphy, regional geology

Al Fraser, Imperial College London, UK; unconventional hydrocarbons, petroleum systems modelling, rift basins

Neil Frewin, Shell International E & P, UK; regional geology, basin analysis, petroleum systems, geochemistry

Sarah Gasda, NORCE, Norway; multiphase flow modelling and simulation

Rajesh Goteti, Aramco Services Company, USA; structural geology, geomechanics

Ross Grant, Equinor, Norway; petrophysics and borehole research; sedimentology; stratigraphy; structural geology; tectonics

Dominique Guérillot, University of Texas A&M at Qatar; EOR, reservoir simulation, CO2 storage

Tim Harper, Geosphere Ltd, UK; geomechanics, in-situ stress state, induced seismicity, hydraulic fracturing

Caroline Hern, Shell International E & P, USA; aeolian, reservoir characterization, heterogeneity, modelling

Ed Hough, BGS Shale Gas Research, UK; energy storage

David Jolley, University of Aberdeen, UK; petroleum geology

Rosalind King, University of Adelaide, Australia; structural geology, tectonics and petroleum geomechanics

Dave Larue, USA; sequence stratigraphy, earth modelling

Mike Lentini, Independent, USA; petroleum systems, regional exploration, reservoir characterization, risk & uncertainty

Rory Leslie, University of Edinburgh, UK; subsurface energy/CO2 storage, reservoir geology

Tina Lohr, ERCE, UK; structural modelling, basin analysis

Allard Martinius, Equinor/TUD, Norway; reservoir characterization, stratigraphic architecture, sedimentology

Tip Meckel, The University of Texas at Austin, USA; structure, fluid migration, carbon capture & storage

Emma Michie, University of Oslo, Norway; carbonate deformation, CO2 storage, multiscale datasets

Ann Muggeridge, Imperial College London, UK; reservoir flows, CO2 sequestration, EOR, upscaling

Paul Nadeau, University of Stavanger, Norway; reservoir geology, diagenesis, energy resources

Rod Nourse, Shell International E & P, Netherlands; petroleum systems, basin modelling

Mojtaba Rajabi, University of Queensland, Australia; geomechanics, crustal stress, subsurface fracture analysis, neotectonics

Iain Scotchman, Consultant, UK; petroleum geology/geochemistry & systems, unconventional hydrocarbons, regional geology

Lisa Stright, Colorado State University, USA; reservoir characterization, modelling

Conxita Taberner, Shell, Netherlands; reservoir quality, carbonate diagenesis & geochemistry

Bruce Trudgill, Colorado School of Mines, USA; sedimentology, reservoir monitoring

Jonathan Turner, Radioactive Waste Management, UK; geomechanics, seismic interpretation, structural analysis

Øle Vejbæk, Hess, Denmark; field development, exploration, geomechanics

Renjun Wen, Geomodeling Technology Corp., Canada; geological modelling, geostatistics, seismic interpretation

Katherine Whidden, United States Geological Survey, USA; resource assessment; source rock characterization

Paul Wilson, Schlumberger, UK; structural geology, tectonics, fault seal

Timothy Wynn, TRACS International, UK; reservoir geology, geomechanics, CO2 storage, geothermal

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