D024 3D Geocellular Modeling and Reservoir Properties Uncertainty Quantification: A Deepwater Laminated Sand Reservoir Gendalo Field Kutei Basin Indonesia 1 Eduardo Berendson 1 Andre Cebastiant 2 David Glenn 2 Febry Hariyannugraha 2 Khristina Kirschner 2 Ron May 2 Rhys Schneinder 2 Ulrich Kiesow 3 Skip Walden 2 . Introduction and Study Area The Gendalo field is located in the Makassar Strait offshore from the eastern coast of the island of Borneo East Kalimantan Republic of Indonesia (Fig. 1). The field lies approximately 60 km. southeast of the Mahakam Delta in 2 500 – 5 200 ft. of water. The Gendalo


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