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Petroleum Geoscience transcends disciplinary boundaries and publishes a balanced mix of articles covering exploration, exploitation, appraisal, development and enhancement of sub-surface hydrocarbon resources and carbon repositories. The integration of disciplines in an applied context, whether for fluid production, carbon storage or related geoenergy applications, is a particular strength of the journal. Articles on enhancing exploration efficiency, lowering technological and environmental risk, and improving hydrocarbon recovery communicate the latest developments in sub-surface geoscience to a wide readership.

The journal published by EAGE and the Geological Society of London.

Editor-in-Chief: Philip Ringrose

Call for papers: Geoscience for CO2storage

Petroleum Geoscienceis pleased to announce a call for papers on the above theme as part of its growing collection of papers on many aspects of geoenergy and applied earth science. For example, see recentthematic collectionsand theEnergy Geoscience Series.

In the transition towards a carbon-neutral future, CO₂ storage will be a critical technology for decarbonisation of society, particularly in those areas of industry and energy supply where renewable energy solutions are more difficult to apply, or where CO₂ is a by-product of the process (e.g. manufacture of cement or fertilizer).

Successful geological storage of CO₂ requires careful consideration of many factors in geoscience and engineering, some of which have long been critical in petroleum exploration and production activities, while others are relatively new. It is therefore important to foster and disseminate the emerging geoscience skill set needed to mature and apply CO₂ storage technology.

The goal of this thematic collection is to bring together wide-ranging strands of research and current practice to illustrate recent progress and future directions. Suggested themes include:

·Regional screening and maturation of CO₂ storage prospects

·Quantification of storage containment systems

·Predictive models of storage sites and processes

·Injectivity, geomechanics and pressure management

·Novel approaches to monitoring of injected CO₂

·Long-term evolution of CO₂ in the subsurface

Note that papers on related topics (such as geothermal energy, hydrogen storage, and geoscience for renewable forms of energy) can be submitted as normal research papers to the regular Energy Geoscience Series.

Papers should be submitted no later than30 September 2020, with a view to be publishing the collection in the May 2021 issue.

For more details, and how to submit go to:https://pg.lyellcollection.org/pg-thematic-collections

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