A01 PRESTACK SEISMIC INVERSION FOR SW MODELING 1 B. BANKHEAD 1 A. SENA 1 J. MARTIN 3 RAMON S. CARDENAS HERNANDEZ 2 K.G. ROSAS LARA 2 G. VELASCO VASQUEZ 2 and E. MENDEZ HERNANDEZ 2 1 Veritas DGC Inc. 10300 Town Park Houston Texas 2 Pemex Exploracion y Produccion Villahermosa Tabasco 3 Veritas DGC Ltd Crompton Way Crawley UK RH10 9QN Abstract A workflow was developed as part of a field development project with the objective of building seismically constrained reservoir models of porosity and Sw while retaining the vertical resolution of the well log data and the spatial resolution


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