A04 BOREHOLE-INTEGRATED SEISMIC PROCESSING –ALGERIA L. BUBEQI 1 R. WALIA 1 K. BRANDT 1 R. WHITTAKER 2 and R. DUTHIE 3 Summary 1 1 CGG Canada Services Ltd. 2 First Calgary Petroleums Ltd. 3 VSfusion First Calgary Petroleums Ltd. (FCP) along with its partner Sonatrach (National oil company of Algeria) has drilled several successful exploration wells in the Ledjmet Block 405b of the Berkine basin Algeria within the last two years (Fig.1). 2D data of different vintages could not provide an accurate interpretation; therefore two 3D seismic surveys (~850 sq km) using vibroseis 100-fold parallel-geometry were acquired. This acquisition geometry


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