By analyzing hundreds of capillary pressure curves, the controlling factors of shape and type of capillary pressure curves are<br>found and a novel method is presented to construct capillary pressure curves by using reservoir permeability and a synthesized<br>index. The accuracy of this new method is verified by mercury-injection experiments. Considering the limited quantity of<br>capillary pressure data, a new method is developed to extract the Swanson parameter from the NMR T2 distribution and<br>estimate reservoir permeability. Integrating with NMR total porosity, reservoir capillary pressure curves can be constructed,<br>which could be used to evaluate reservoir pore structure and calculate reservoir originality water saturation in the intervals<br>with NMR log data. At last, the constructed NMR capillary pressure curve by this new method is used in well site to detect the<br>change in reservoir pore structure and initial water saturation as a function of depth, comparision among the calculated result,<br>core data and Archie water saturation, demonstrate the responsibility and accuracy.


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