IOR-13 THERMAL GAS-DYNAMICAL TECHNOLOGIES FOR RECOVERY OF VISCOUS OILS – APPLICATION EXPERIENCE Abstract 1 Presented in the paper are the basic results of pilot-commercial introduction of technological processes for production of viscous oils. The essence of the process lies in cyclic stimulation of bottom-hole formation zone with gas-steam heat-carrier. Pilot-commercial works are performed by oil-producing companies ROSNEFT-Termneft and ROSNEFT-Krasnodarneftegas subsidiaries of the state oil company ROSNEFT. Included in the paper are only the results obtained in Achtyrsko-Bugundyrskoe oil field operated by ROSNEFT-Krasnodarneftegas. Introduction Achtyrsko-Bugundyrskoe oil field has been developed for more than 50 years and now the development is in


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