N 018 SCALING BEHAVIOUR OF THE TRANSMISSION RESPONSE OF RESERVOIR ROCK: MEASUREMENTS THEORY AND NUMERICAL SIMULATION E.D. MERCERAT 1 K. WAPENAAR 2 J.T. FOKKEMA 2 G.SWINNEN 2 and M. DILLEN 2 Introduction 1 International Institute for Aerospace Survey & Earth Sciences (ITC) Division of Exploration Geophysics Hengelostraat 99 PO Box 6 7500 AA Enschede The Netherlands. 2 Delft University of Technology Subfaculty of Applied Earth Sciences A couple of years ago ultrasonic transmission measurements have been carried out on Rotliegend reservoir sandstone samples (Den Boer Dillen Duijndam and Fokkema 1996 EAGE; Swinnen 1997 M.Sc. thesis Leuven / Delft). The experiments


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