P506 QUANTITATIVE MODELLING OF PETROLEUM SYSTEMS OF INVERTED BASINS IN THE NETHERLANDS H.J SIMMELINK 1 R.T. VAN BALEN 2 F. VAN BERGEN 1 J.M. VERWEIJ 1 P.DAVID 1 J.D. VAN WEES 1 and H.J.M. PAGNIER 1 1 Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience TNO - National Geological Survey Department of Geo-Energy P.O. Box 80015 3508 TA Utrecht The Netherlands 2 Free University Amsterdam Faculty of Earth Sciences Abstract 1 The petroleum systems in the inverted Broad Fourteen Basin West Netherlands Basin and Roer Valley Graben have been quantitatively modelled. These basins result from multiple Mesozoic rifting events. During the Late Cretaceous


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