P643 DOWNHOLE MAGNETIC STRATIGRAPHY IN SOLVING PROBLEMS OF CORRELATION OF HETEROFACIAL STRATA SEQUENCE- STRATIGRAPHY FOR OIL FIELDS MODELLING TECHNOLOGY OF OPERATIONS INSTRUMENTATION 1 L.G. FILIPPYCHEVA A.I. BURAKOV A.I. BOGDANOVICH I.P. BELYAEV and A.B. GUTNER VIRG-Rudgeofizika Fayansovaya 20 193019 St.Petersburg Russia Abstract 1. In studies of the structure regularities of strata – oil reservoirs ("traps" of the stratigraphic type) composed by terrigenous and carbonate rocks and in their correlation along with the lithological composition and morphology of complexes a particular attention should be given to sedimentation signatures (detailing of stratigraphic and facial relations detection of break moments in sedimentation processes of


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