The automatic monitoring station was established to the forested catchment in Eastern Finland. The<br>ground water level was situated approximately 0.5 m below the lowest one of the three dielectric<br>coefficient probe. There were three dielectric coefficient probes (CS615; Campbell Sci, UK) at three<br>different depths (0.25 m, 0.6 m, 0.8 m). Data collecting was happened with CR10X datalogger<br>(Campbell Sci, UK). The ground water level was measured by PDCR1830 (Druck, UK) from the nearest<br>ground water pipe.<br>The main aim of this study was to investigate how the rising ground water table effects to the measured<br>soil dielectric coefficients and how transpiration and evapotranspiration are seen in measured dielectric<br>coefficient and ground water level.<br>The main result was that how well dielectric coefficient follows changes of ground water level. The<br>transpiration of trees had an effect both dielectric coefficient (i.e. soil moisture) and ground water level.<br>It looked like that transpiration ends at the beginning of September; because of the pumping effect of<br>capillary increase disappear. And the ground water level is stable after the beginning of October, which<br>means that evapotranspiration have been ended in that time.


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