P-1 MODELING OF OIL AND GAS FIELDS AND EXPLORATION OBJECTS IN SUBSALT DEPOSITIONS OF PRECASPIAN BASIN USING INTEGRATION OF WELL LOGGING FIELD DATA AND REMOTE SENSING INTERPRETATION R.M. TER-SARKISOV V.G.FOMENKO and B.S.KOROTKOV 1 VNIIGAZ Razvilka Lenisky district 142717 Moscow Russia Precaspian region includes several heterogeneous tectonic blocks of earth crust. From North to South these are Precaspian basin developed on the ancient East European platform young epipaleozoic platform Alpine folded mountains of Caucasus. The recent sub-meridional basin of Caspian Sea has its depocenter in Southern Caspian; it overlays unconformably more ancient tectonic structures. Entire Precaspian region is characterized by prolonged


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